The Orc

The Orc

I have no name for the main character yet, nor I do I even have inkling of an idea for one.


The Orcs are a very long lived species. I don’t have a number down yet but I want him to be middle aged by his species standards.

I want him to have a somewhat laid back personality. Despite or rather because of him taking part in a great war that took place before the story, he is not really fond of violence. That doesn’t mean he won’t fight or kill and in the story he will often have to.


Large and muscular with a bad somewhat unfair reputation, his kind often have to deal with fear and discrimination from others, especially humans.


There may be different kinds of orcs but I have not really come up with anything yet.


This is mostly what I have right now.




Doing Stuff

Halfway done with an American Dad fanfic.

Recently got into the Loud House so I outlined a fic for that.

Been thinking about writing some Fire Emblem stuff but no ideas yet.

Current Work


I recently began writing a story I have been thinking about for months about an orc and his party consisting of people of different races.

What I have in mind is a story that is typically lighthearted but can occasionally get dark and serious

I have a faint idea for an overarching plot but mostly I am thinking it would be episodic with the characters going on little quests of sorts or just engaging in some kind of activity.

There would be action here and there, befitting a cast filled with warriors and-ex soldiers and mages.

Not sure what else to say about it.

Ideas for Fanfics


I had an idea for a collection of fanfics.

The purpose would be to try to recreate the feel of the source material in prose form. I would write a fic with the goal being to try to make it seem like something you would see in the actual source material.

For example I have this American Dad idea. I would try to make the story seem like a real episode of the series. The same kind of story structure, the same humor, etc.

I can’t really abide Family Guy that much nowadays but I am still pretty fond of American Dad.